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Helfield/Gallay Family Fonds
CA JPL-A 1064 · Fonds · [ca. 189-?-ca. 198-?]

The fonds contains photographs of the Helfield, Ellis and Gallay families, as well as a significant collection of professional output. This includes sewing pattern books and tailoring tools belonging to Mark Ellis, tailor by trade and grandfather to Eric Helfield; diplomas and research and academic publications by Wilfred Gallay, father of Tilya; and epherma related to the legal and municipal political careers of Eric Helfield, as well as invitations to art exhibits featuring work by Tilya Helfield. Also includes a collection of personal items and kitchen tools dating to early-mid 20th century.

Helfield, Tilya, 1933-2017
Simon Glazer Fonds
CA JPL-A 1231 · Fonds · [190-?]-[194-?]

Consists of photographs and biographical documents related to Simon Glazer.

Glazer, Simon
CA JPL-A 1052-[13] · File · [190-? - 191-?]
Part of Samuel Lapitsky Fonds

Contains family portraits of unidentified family members printed in Canada and likely in Ukraine/Russia, including solo portraits, infants, and group family photographs.

CA JPL-A 1231-[1] · File · [190-?]-[193-?]
Part of Simon Glazer Fonds

File consists of four black and white photographs of Rabbi Simon Glazer. Two photographs are solo portraits, and two are postcards.
One postcard shows Glazer with his wife, Ida.
The other postcard shows Glazer with another man. Glazer added an inscription to this postcard and sent it to his wife in 1917.

Biographical Documents
CA JPL-A 1231-[2] · File · [191-?]-[194-?]
Part of Simon Glazer Fonds

File consists of biographical material about Simon Glazer. File contains a four-page biographical text about Glazer’s life by an unknown author. It also contains a typewritten text about Herschele Der Retter, possibly written by Glazer. File also contains photocopies of Glazer’s daughter, Edith Glazer’s birth record from 1940, and Glazer’s own certificate of registration of American citizenship from 1915. Also present in the file is a photocopy of a clipping from the newspaper Light of Israel published in New York city in January 1924 about Glazer’s work, “Guide of Judaism”.

CA JPL-A 1442-42 · Item · [191-?]
Part of Artefact Collection

Contains one scale made by Henry Troemner, a German-American entrepreneur who made scales for the United States Mint and was mostly active in the 1840s to 1870s. Both scale dishes read "Henry Troemner Philad'a - 14 M - 751." A glass window on the side shows arrows which shift with added weight.

CA JPL-A 1473-1-[20] · File · [191-? -194-?]
Part of Maurice Zbriger Fonds

Contains Eastern European (Russian, German, Hungarian, and Romanian) sheet music from Maurice Zbriger's collection ranging from the 1910s to 1940s, including Hungaria Album, Wenn ich dich seh: da muss ich weinen!, Mon Dernier Tango, Nu te 'ntrista, Dece nu ma saruti?, Lautarul, Unge Leano Usa Bine, Ozi, Doi Trandafiri,