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Archival description
Abraham Switzman Fonds
CA JPL-A 1463 · Fonds · 1943 - 1967

This fonds consists largely of materials related to Abaraham Switzman’s involvement in Jewish charitable organizations and mutual aid societies: the Jewish National Workers Alliance (“Farband”), the Warsaw Landsmanschaft, the Peretz Schools, the Union of Jews for Resistance and Mutual Aid (“Union”) etc. It also includes biographical materials, as well as publications attesting to Switzman’s interest in Yiddish literary culture.

Switzman, Abraham, 1884-1967
Harry Hershman Collection
CA JPL-A 1239 · Fonds · 1903-1935

Contains organizational material related to the Association of Bukovina Jews, manuscripts authored by Harry Hershman, and personal correspondence.

Hershman, Harry, 1876-1955
CA JPL-A 1076 · Fonds · 1961-1966

Contains 1 folder textual materials, correspondence in Polish and Yiddish as well as membership lists for the Yivo Montreal committee of the Jewish Public Library. Contains 1 letter in Yiddish from the Jewish Peretz Shule.

Achtman, Isaac
Jacob Zipper Collection
CA JPL-A 1088 · Fonds · [ca. 192-?-197-?]

Consists of four different series: Literary Works, Criticism, Biography and Correspondence.

Zipper, Jacob, 1900-1983
CA JPL-A 1214 · Fonds · 1970 - 1972

The fonds contains records pertaining to the November 9, 1972 Jewish Labour Committee Memorial Meeting to Soviet Writers, which observed the 20th anniversary of the execution of Yiddish writers in the Soviet Union and featured Rachel Korn, Eli Wiesel, Professor John Humphrey, Shulamis Yelin, Rebecca Augenfeld, Yehuda Elberg, the Workmen's Circle Choir, and others. This is represented in the form of tickets (and correspondence pertaining to tickets), bulletins, invitations, and administrative notes and correspondence.

A number of other meetings in 1972 leading up to the November 9th memorial and hosted by the Joint Committee for the Observance of the 20th Anniversary of Yiddish Writers in the Soviet Union are also represented in the fonds through minutes, agendas, and meeting invitations.

Finally, the April 19 anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising memorial is also represented in the fonds in the form of several bulletins and agendas.

Jewish Labour Committee
Joseph Berman Fonds
CA JPL-A 1007 · Fonds · 1928-1995

The records in the fonds demonstrate the business and cultural accomplishments of Joseph Berman, speaking to his active presence within both the Montreal and Tel Aviv communities.

Several notebooks recount his travel experiences, which culminate in his memoir (of which there are both English and Yiddish drafts). A number of personal records, like birth and marriage certificates and financial documents, can also be found in the fonds. Both personal and professional correspondence are included, as well as poetry, speeches, and essays written by Berman.

Awards, plaques, and tributes issued from a number of organizations and institutions with which Berman was affiliated--from Bar-Ilan University to the Montreal Israel Bond Organization and the United Talmud Torahs of Montreal--are contained in the fonds, celebrating Berman's various contributions. Certificates from the Jewish Public Library commemorate Berman's role as president and his contribution to the Cumming Centre's auditorium. A number of newspaper clippings elaborate on many of these events.

Finally, a substantial number of photographs attest to his presence as a public speaker and well-known community member, with active engagement in the Canadian Friends of the Hebrew University, Jewish People’s Schools, and Bar-Ilan University.

Berman, Joseph, 1898-1989
Leib Tencer Fonds
CA JPL-A 1073 · Fonds

Contains documents related to the life and career of Leib Tencer, including his involvement with JPPS/Bialik, the J.I. Segal Fund, and McGill University.

Tencer, Leib, 1910-
Leib Zuker Fonds
CA JPL-A 1275 · Fonds · 1921 - 1965

Consists of records documenting Zuker's speeches and writings as well as some correspondence.

Zuker, Leib, 1887-1965
Mordecai Husid Fonds
CA JPL-A 1089 · Fonds

Consists of four series: Literary Works, Professional Activities, Biography and Correspondence.

Husid, Mordecai, 1909-1988
CA JPL-A 1030 · Fonds · 1917-1976

Fonds consists of administrative and financial records of the North End Wilkomirer Hebrew Sick Benefit Association as well as records of its participation and interaction with various other Montreal Jewish community organizations.

North End Wilkomirer Hebrew Sick Benefit Association