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Archival description
Abraham Trapunski Fonds
CA JPL-A 1046 · Fonds · 1944-1997

Contains photographs, reel to reel audio, cassette audio and textual documents related to the organizational activities of Abraham Trapunski. The bulk of the Abraham Trampunski papers focus on his involvement with the Vilna and Vicinity Association. Most of the papers in the collection range from 1953 - 1980, when he apeears to have been most active in these associations. Other prominent institutions include The Canadian Jewish Congress, YIVO and the Montreal Yiddish Committee.

Trapunski, Abraham, 1909-1997
B.G. Sack Fonds
CA JPL-A 1169 · Fonds · 1910-1968

Content is organized by subject. Major topics include: publication and reception for "History of Jews in Canada"-- correspondence -- biography--various aricles and contributions--recollections -- biography including Certificate of Naturalization.

Sack, Benjamin G., 1890-1967
Hananiah M. Caiserman Fonds
CA JPL-A 1087 · Fonds · 1916 - 1954

The fonds consists of six files of documents relating to the work of Hananiah Caiserman within the Canadian Jewish Congress and as a political candidate and activist. Materials include manuscript and typescript drafts of correspondence and publications, political campaign materials and publications of the Canadian Jewish Congress.

Caiserman, Hananiah M., 1881-1950
CA JPL-A 1214 · Fonds · 1970 - 1972

The fonds contains records pertaining to the November 9, 1972 Jewish Labour Committee Memorial Meeting to Soviet Writers, which observed the 20th anniversary of the execution of Yiddish writers in the Soviet Union and featured Rachel Korn, Eli Wiesel, Professor John Humphrey, Shulamis Yelin, Rebecca Augenfeld, Yehuda Elberg, the Workmen's Circle Choir, and others. This is represented in the form of tickets (and correspondence pertaining to tickets), bulletins, invitations, and administrative notes and correspondence.

A number of other meetings in 1972 leading up to the November 9th memorial and hosted by the Joint Committee for the Observance of the 20th Anniversary of Yiddish Writers in the Soviet Union are also represented in the fonds through minutes, agendas, and meeting invitations.

Finally, the April 19 anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising memorial is also represented in the fonds in the form of several bulletins and agendas.

Jewish Labour Committee
Leib Zuker Fonds
CA JPL-A 1275 · Fonds · 1921 - 1965

Consists of records documenting Zuker's speeches and writings as well as some correspondence.

Zuker, Leib, 1887-1965
Miriam Jaffe Fonds
CA JPL-A 1128 · Fonds · 1930 - 1979

The fonds consists of the records and correspondence of Miriam Jaffe. Mrs. Jaffe was active in the Baron de Hirsh institute, the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies, the Combined Jewish Appeal, the Canadian Jewish Congress, the Zionist Organization of Canada, the Montreal Council of Social Agencies and the Canadian National Committee for Mental Hygiene. Included in the files are correspondence, membership lists, manuals and by-laws, promotional materials, notices and invitations. A ration book and letter from the Ration Board penned by the Mayor of Montreal are also present.

Jaffe, Miriam
Ometz Collection
CA JPL-A 1074 · Fonds · 1842-1998

Currently, the Ometz Collection is made up of records from the Baron de Hirsch Institute/Jewish Family Services, Jewish Immigrant Aid Services, and Jewish Vocational Services. Records include correspondence, minutes and memoranda, annual reports, publications, and documentation of history.

Shloime Wiseman Fonds
CA JPL-A 1094 · Fonds · 1918 - 1986

The fonds contains records pertaining to Wiseman's career as an educator and writer, with many of his articles on Jewish education and Judaism present in the fonds, as well as his speeches and lectures. The fonds also contains records and documents from events recognizing Wiseman for his work and contributions to the community. The myriad correspondence of well wishes for the Shloime Wiseman Testimonial attest to the recognition of Wiseman's work locally, nationally, and internationally. Additionally, correspondence between Wiseman and Yehuda Kaufman demonstrates their friendship and professional relationship.

Wiseman, Shloime, 1899-1985
Stanley Yetnikoff Collection
CA JPL-A 1251 · Fonds · 1966-1969

Consists of organizational records, correspondence, form letters, press materials, lists and briefs from the Committee for Tax Supported Jewish Schools. Also contains mention of the need for French schools for North African immigrant Jewish children.

Yetnikoff, Stanley, 1933-