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Archival description
CA JPL-A 1323 · Fonds · 1933, 1973-1983

Consists of a diploma from McGill University for Harry Abramovitch. Also includes correspondence regarding the Ethel Abramovitch Memorial Endowment for Perpetual Student Aid at Hebrew University overseen by Harry Abramovitch.

Alice Postner Fonds
CA JPL-A 1339 · Fonds · 1921-1967 [predominently 195-]

The fonds contains the professional and working material of Alice Postner in her career as a music teacher and composer. It consists of texual records and music manuscripts used as teaching material; copies of her own compositions; biographical articles; correspondence; recital programmes and invitations.

Postner, Alice, 1905-1967
Della Pergola Fonds
CA JPL-A 1366 · Fonds · 1931-1992

This fonds contains materials pertaining to the life and work of Edith and Luciano Della Pergola, with an emphasis on their opera career. Material in this collections is related to their careers in Italy and Romania prior to 1955, as well as their work with the McGill Opera Studio and Temple Emanu Al-Beth Shalom in Montreal. This includes correspondences, photographs, concert invitations, playbills, individual programs and season program books, cast lists, stage directions, sheet music, scores, arrangements, original compositions, and creative writing.

Della Pergola, Edith, 1915-2009
Dr. Bernard Illievitz Fonds
CA JPL-A 1125 · Fonds · 1896 - 1960

The fonds contains materials that attest to Dr. Abraham Bernard Illievitz's medical education and career as a doctor and philanthropist.

A large scrapbook contains a substantial amount of correspondence pertaining to Dr. Illievitz's medical education (primarily at McGill University), practice, and inventions, and generally illustrates his philanthropic/professional affiliation with numerous medical institutions; likewise, many pages of medical publication reviews authored by Dr. Illievitz are present.

Certificates acknowledging Dr. Illievtiz's academic achievement and involvement in various medical societies and institutions, both in the United States and in Canada, can be found in the fonds. Photographs of notable musicians and performers dedicated to Dr. Illievitz (mostly in gratitude for his medical service) are also included, as well as photocopies of pertinent textual records and photographs of which the fonds does not contain originals.

Finally, two versions (one hand-written featuring hand-drawn illustrations, the other typed with photographs pasted in as place-holders) of Illievitz's manuscript Israel & Medicine can be found in the fonds. These manuscripts contain some edits and marginalia, as well as mini biographies of key doctors and dates in medical history; the two manuscripts in conjunction aptly demonstrate the evolution of the research project.

Illievitz, Bernard, 1890-1971
Judith Seidel Fonds
CA JPL-A 1171 · Fonds · 1927 - 1987

The fonds contains records mostly pertaining to the schooling and career of Judith Seidel. This takes the form of a number of diplomas, manuscripts, and correspondence from McGill University as well as from, later on in her life, Loyola College, where Seidel studied Libraries. Correspondence in the fonds vouches for Seidel's credibility as an employee. Some materials, including certificates and invitations to performances, attest to Seidel's career as a pianist. Finally, some materials related to Judish Seidel's death--including her obituary and certificates in her honour--can be found in the fonds.

Seidel, Judith, -1984
Martin Cohen Fonds
CA JPL-A 1278 · Fonds · 1971 - 2006

Fonds consists of articles and writings, including lecture notes, by Martin Cohen as well as literary translations of mainly poetry but also one play.

Cohen, Martin, 1947-2009