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Archival description
B.G. Sack Fonds
CA JPL-A 1169 · Fonds · 1910-1968

Content is organized by subject. Major topics include: publication and reception for "History of Jews in Canada"-- correspondence -- biography--various aricles and contributions--recollections -- biography including Certificate of Naturalization.

Sack, Benjamin G., 1890-1967
CA JPL-A 1435 · Fonds · [ca. 1890-1945]

Consists of educational certificates and numerous portraits of Kruger family members from the late 19th century to the mid-20th century.

Kruger, Chaim, 1875-1933
Chaim Maydeck Fonds
CA JPL-A 1092 · Fonds · [195-? - 1991]

The fonds contains records pertaining to the life and work of Chaim Maydeck, with an emphasis on his extensive journalistic career. Many originals and copies of newspaper articles produced by Maydeck throughout his career can be found in the fonds from publications including Keneder Adler and Al HaMishmar, as well as some correspondence with politicians and colleagues relating to his journalistic career. Some personal materials, like press cards, diplomas, and invitations, are also in the fonds, as well as records relating to a 1955 plane crash which killed two of Maydeck's family members--including correspondence, court reports, and newspaper clippings.

Maydeck, Chaim, 1904-1984
Copper Portrait Collection
CA JPL-A 1202 · Fonds

The collection consists of four copper portraits of prominent Jewish leaders Theodor Herzl (2), Nahum Sokolow and Chaim Weizmann. The portraits were given out as subscription premiums by the Jewish Daily Eagle and Canadian Jewish Chronicle.

Irene R. Wolff
CA JPL-A 1049 · Fonds · 1923 - 1939

The fonds contains many manuscripts of articles written by Irene R. Wolff for the Jewish Guardian, the Jewish Daily Eagle (Keneder Adler), and the Jewish Chronicle, which cover subjects like antisemitism in Canada, Jewish women's groups, Jewish education in Quebec and Canada, deaths and inaugurations of prominent figures, and conventions. Correspondence pertaining to her work with the various publications can also be found in the fonds, as well as a book compiled by Irene Wolff's daughter, Rosetta Wolff Elkin, containing passages of Irene Wolff's diary and photocopies of her photographs.

Additionally, a spiral-bound biography of Irene Wolff's life can be found in the fonds.

Wolff, Irene R., 1885-1940
Jacob Grossman Fonds
CA JPL-A 1084 · Fonds · [ca. 1941-1982]

Consists of the working documents, manuscripts and correspondence of Jacob Grossman.

Grossman, Jacob, 1899-1982
Joseph Danielack Fonds
CA JPL-A 1085 · Fonds · 1900-1951

Consists of both professional and personal papers divided into four series: Literary Activities, Professional Activities, Biography and Correspondence.

Danielack, Joseph, 1900-1951
Moishe Dickstein Fonds
CA JPL-A 1106 · Fonds · 1925-[1975?]

The fonds contains newspaper clippings, articles, and other records related to Dickstein's Zionist work and his published writings later in his career. The fonds also contains extensive records and correspondence surrounding Dickstein's 65th birthday celebration, attesting to the major community presence he had, as well as messages of condolence to Dickstein's family after his death, demonstrating his impact on the Montreal Jewish community and worldwide Zionist movement.

Dickestein, Moishe, 1891-1956
Mordecai Husid Fonds
CA JPL-A 1089 · Fonds

Consists of four series: Literary Works, Professional Activities, Biography and Correspondence.

Husid, Mordecai, 1909-1988
Mordechai Ginzburg Fonds
CA JPL-A 1031 · Fonds · [ca. 193-]-1966

Consists of manuscripts, clippings and biographical materials.

Ginzburg, Mordecai, 1894-1966