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Poster. Anti-War Mass Meeting, "War Clouds are Thickening, Fight Against Fascism and War"

Translation from Yiddish: Anti-War Mass Meeting / Saturday August 4th [1934] 7:30PM / "War Clouds Are Thickening! Fight against Fascism and War" / Jewish Worker's Culture Centre / Canadian Arbiter Ring / Woman's League of Jewish Workers / ICOR [Organization for Jewish Colonization in the Soviet Union] / Jewish Branch of C.L.D.L.

Poster. Canadian Jewish Congress Dominion Executive Committee Platform

Text translated from Yiddish: 1) Protect Jewish civil, political and economic rights 2) Give atention to Jewish social issues and problems and devise solutions 3) Aid in the establishment of the Jewish homeland 4) Aid in organizing world-wide gatherings to deal with international Jewish issues 5)Take the initiative in all oppurtunities to aid in resolving Jewish problems 6) To oppose anti-semitism in Canada

Poster. Forward Ball and Beauty Contest

Text incldues (translated from Yiddish: Saturday March 21st / Roxy Hall / Fairmount St. West / First time in Montreal / Young women may send their photos to the committee / 2003 St. Laurence Blvd.

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