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Beth Hamidrash Hagadol

  • Synagogue
  • 1887-1952

Beth Hamidrash Hagadol, known commonly as the McCaul Street Synagogue, was a conservative synagogue based in Toronto. Established in 1887, the Congregation moved into its more famous McCaul Street location in 1905 and was renamed Beth Hamidrash Hagadol Chevra T'hilim. In September of 1952, the synagogue and its sister synagogue Goel Tzedec amalgamated to form Beth Tzedec.

Canadian Jewish News

  • Periodical
  • 1960-

A weekly English-language newspaper dedicated to the Canadian Jewish community, with headquarters in Toronto and a bilingual English-French Montreal edition. Since December 2020, the CJN has been moved to a digital-first format.

Canadian Jewish Review

  • Periodical
  • 1921-1966

An English-language Canadian newspaper, with offices in Toronto and later Montreal. With a focus more on social histories than politics, the Canadian Jewish Review has since been regarded as an important genealogical resource. Merged with the Canadian Jewish Chronicle in 1966, becoming the Chronicle Review.

Canadian Jewish Weekly

  • Periodical
  • 1926-1979

Canadian Jewish Weekly ("Keneder yiddishe vochenblatt", or Vochenblatt) was a major Yiddish-language communist newspaper, first published weekly and later biweekly. First titled "Der kampf" ("The Struggle"), then "Der veg" ("The Road"), until finally settling on Vochenblatt in October 1940. In 1941, the magazine began regularly including English pages to connect to anglophone Jews.

Canadian Pharmaceutical Journal

  • Periodical
  • 1868-

The oldest continually published periodical in Canada, the CPJ was founded by the Canadian Pharmaceutical Society. It has since been renamed the Canadian Pharmacists Journal.

Canadian Tribune

  • Periodical
  • 1940-1992

A weekly Canadian newspaper founded by the Canadian Tribune Publishing Company, merged with the Pacific Tribune in 1992 to form the (now inactive) Tribune.

The Canadian Zionist

  • Periodical
  • 1924-[197?]

The Canadian Zionist was a monthly magazine published by the Zionist Organization of Canada (ZOC).

The Globe and Mail

  • Periodical
  • 1936-

The Globe and Mail is a Canadian newspaper printed in five cities in Western and Central Canada.

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